State-of-art handcrafted Far Infrared Heater. Enjoy the warmth at your home. Everything you need to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

In comparison to all the different types of energy which come form the sun, the Far-Infrared is the safest and the most beneficial electomagnetic energy source.  80% of solar energy is made up of infrared waves and 80% of the infrared waves are made up of FIR with the wavelength of 4-1,000 micron.

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New 160-degree arched design with increased Far-Infrared Radiant Heat coverage and density.

Surface radiation with the 160-degree-arched design greatly increases radiation coverage and density of Far Infrared Radiant heat.  A surface radiator causes little temperature variation within the object being heated and this results in the even heating of entire object. FIT101 is capable of reaching upto 180 degrees Farenheit.

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deep thermal therapy


The Far-Infrared is the safest and the most beneficial elctromagnetic energy source that comes from the sun.

The Far-Infrared, which has longer wavelength, is exceptionally strong in penetrating deep into the human body. It can gently and delightfully produce deep warmth as it harmonizes with the natural life force released by the human body to enhance resonance absorption.

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Enhance athletic performances.

Today’s professional athletes prefer using Far Infrared Therapy to warm up their body and muscles before and after work out to prevent any injuries and to provide relaxation. Warming up in Far Infrared allows greatest flexibility of muscles to achieve best athletic performances.

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Our FIT101 exclusively uses Active Carbon Fibers technology. By using crystalized carbon fibers as heating element, our heaters can produce more soothing and friendlier energy waves than a conventional heater.

  • Revolutionary Heating Element
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Edible Quality Materials
  • Increased radiation coverage and density of FIR
  • FIR wavelengths between 9-15 microns
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Designed for Durability
  • Compact size for various environment
  • Best protection against illness.
  • Soothing and friendlier energy waves


Thousands of happy customers. Check out what our customers are saying about FIT101 and why they love it so much.

I simply can’t forget my experience in Fit Concept studio. It elevated my body’s energy within 1 hour of the therapy session. Now I’m coming back on a weekly basis!

Diana Richards
Happy Client

Every woman between 30s and 60s should love this! I already got my whole family hooked to this wonderful relaxation bed. It’s more than a typical massage bed. The far-infrared heat will melt your stress away!

Anna W.
fan of FitConcept

My lifestyle has changed after I got to meet with FitConcept. I absolutely recommend this studio to anyone looking to accomplish their wellness goal.

Jacob F.
wellness freak

Fitconcept offers something more than a regular workout. Their advanced cardio exercise is simply unbeatable. FitConcept studio is my favorite place to get warmed up before weight training workout.

George K.
Fitness Trainer

Welcome to world of far-infrared!  I was the kind of person that gets cold very easily, until I started using their detox bed which surronds my whole body with pure far-infrared radiant heat. Doing this two times every week has definitely raised my normal body temperature. I love you guys!

Stefan J.
happy happy client

Fit Concept is hands down the best detox studio! Their place itself is very cozy and relaxing, the equipments are just top notch high maintained, professional staff treats you like a queen. Try it for yourself!

Miriam O.
mother of two and fan of fitconcept

Thanks for keeping me in shape! Your cardio session with organic coldpress juice program is the best thing ever!  It’s like having all the nutrition that I need in one bottle. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to stay in shape.

Alex L.
fashion model

I got to know Fit Concept’s product when I was hired to do some product photography for them. I had sleeping problems where I simply couldn’t get a deep sleep. The staff recommended me to try their relaxation bed for once. That relaxation bed made me fall in the deepest sleep in years. Im coming back for more!

Mark P.
photographer and happy client

I used to get hotel spa treatments every month as a reward to my hard work. But ever since I found this place, FitConcept has become the place for me to give myself weekly reward. Everyone should try their premium service. It’s worth every dollar!

Alexis Y.
fan of fitconcept